Libré Brain Training

A free and open source braining training project.

Frquently Asked Questions

What is brain training?

Does brain training work?

What are standard scores?

Each task has a scoring system specific to that task. Standard scores allow you to compare your performance across tasks to see your strengths and weaknesses. Standard scores are calculated relative to the population and set so the average standard score is 800 and the standard deviation 100.

standard_score = 800 + 100 × ( score - population_mean ) / population_std

Everyone’s standard scores start low than go up.

Has this program been scientifically validated?

Libré Brain Training, is experimental. It has not been scientifically validated.

If you are sceptical, why make this site?

Libré Brain Training?

I intended to name it Open Brain Training, but that domain name was already taken. So I took a leaf from Libre Office's book (a fork of Open Office). Libré means free in Spanish.

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